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My Food, My Way

By Food Services

On Wednesday March 5 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., Borden will be hosting a My Food My Way Community Taste Testing event here. This event is put on in conjunction with George Brown College and CUPE 4400 in response to many requests for better menu choice and better value in student cafeterias. The event will feature new menu items that the Borden community as well as parents and students will be able to taste test and comment upon before possible inclusion into cafeteria menus across the Board.
If you interested in attending this free event, please register ahead of time at There is limited number of seats available at this event so please register early. If you are unable to attend this event, Lakeshore C.I. and Northview Heights Secondary School are holding similar events on different days. You can register for any of these events at
Looking forward to seeing you at this great opportunity.



From the desk of Ms. Paul

By Vice Principal

In October, Borden began the “Wellness Wednesday Snack Program.” Between classes in the morning, students can pick up a small, healthy snack to munch on as they make their way through the hallways. Students seem to have their favourites and parents will be pleased to know that all the snacks are checked to be sure that they have good nutritional value as well as being easy to eat without being messy. This is just one part of Borden’s focus on wellness throughout this school year. Each month’s staff professional development has a different theme associated with wellness within the Borden community.

In the upcoming month we look forward to the “So You Think You Can DJ” contest. This will take place on December 13th and if you would like your child to be a part of this, encourage them to join the 4Life Foundation sponsored DJ Club. This club provides music during the lunch break in the gymnasium where pick-up sports are played. On Fridays, the music is piped into the main hallway of the school for the students to enjoy.

As we move into December and the many holiday celebrations that take place at this time of the year, there will be lots of activities to keep student’s minds sharp and bodies active. Students should listen to the morning announcements carefully to see if there are any that interest them.

The autumn was a lot of fun at Borden with students taking part in a door decorating contest, Zombie Walk and, of course, our Falcons football team winning the Double Blue Bowl. Winter will bring just as many exciting and varied activities for the many different student interests that we see every day here at Borden.



Healthy Greetings from Phys Ed

By Phys. Ed. Department

We are now at the midterm of semester one of 2013 here at Borden. We have had many exciting activities taking place and many more to come. The Phys. Ed. Program has been running smoothly and the students have been engaging in a variety of activities. The fall weather has been cooperative allowing most of our outdoor activities to take place such as softball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, and soccer to name a few. We are now indoors with activities like basketball, volleyball, badminton, floorball, weight room, and many others.
Way to go to the Borden Spartans Football team who captured The Double Blue Bowl title defeating arch rival Westview. They were trailing most of the game and made a dramatic comeback late in the fourth quarter to complete the victory. Countless hours after school training and practicing contributed to the success of our team and congratulations goes out to coaches, managers and each and every player that committed their time.
Continuing with athletics, our girls’ basketball team competed this fall in the tier-two division and enjoyed a successful season, as well as some athletes had a great day competing in a cross-country meet. Cheerleading has been practicing continuously after school and new winter sports are underway, these include: girls volleyball, senior boys’ basketball and junior boys’ basketball. Good luck Falcons!



Expressing Aboriginal Cultures

By Arts Department

Norval Morrisseau, Man Changing into Thunderbird, 1977

Norval Morrisseau, Man Changing into Thunderbird, 1977

As part of the NAC1O, Grade 9 Visual Arts pilot program, students had the opportunity to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) for two full days during the course. The first visit (Oct.8), focused on introducing students to works by Aboriginal artists in the AGO’s collection through the lens of the curriculum strand Relationships, including themes such as relationships among Aboriginal peoples, their environments, art forms and an exploration of artistic identity, style, and the different modes and materials of artistic expression. Recently (Nov. 1), students engaged with works by contemporary Aboriginal artists in the AGO’s collection and participated in a studio project that focused on the curriculum strand Identity reflecting on their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal cultures, art forms and the personal meanings and connections they made in the course. The AGO collection includes works from Aboriginal artist prior to 1900 up until present day.



Very Scary Science!

By Science Department

It’s that scary time of year again…no, not exams, it’s almost Halloween! The Science Department has a tradition of bringing in dry ice for student experimenting and fun on this day. Dry ice is what creates that smokey spooky look seen in old monster movies, some modern day concerts and even at a party near you.
It looks like snow or regular ice, but it is actually made from the gas carbon dioxide, that has been frozen under pressure. It is so cold (around -79 0 C!) that it cannot be touched with bare hands or you risk frostbite.
The most fun thing about dry ice is that it sublimes—goes directly from the solid form to a gas without liquefying. Thus, by warming it up in the indoor air or some warm water, you get that great spooky Halloween look coming out of your pumpkin or cauldron.
With a little liquid soap and some imagination, students will experiment with the dry ice and learn to make crystal balls, big floating smoky bubbles, and even make stainless steel tongs scream from the vibrations caused when the extreme cold meets heat.
Posted are some photos from last year’s event…. just to wet your appetite for Thursday’s class if you are taking science this semester!